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Wild Card



Posted on Sunday, May 5, 2024

Wild Card

Don't see a role that's a perfect fit for you? That's ok - we'd love to hear from you still! Please reach out to us and provide your resume and a cover letter at jobs@crossmint.io.

About Crossmint

At Crossmint we're on a mission to bring the world on-chain. This is an urgent and important matter: as artificial intelligence advances, the lines of what is real and not, are blurring – fostering a growing issue of bot spam, disinformation, deepfakes, and corruption. By bringing the world on-chain, we can create cryptographic proofs that restore our ability to discern what is true, vs not.
How do we do this?
Crossmint is accelerating this transition, by building APIs and tools that make it 100x easier to create, custody and commerce with NFTs and other digital assets.
How do we fund this mission?
We sell our tools and APIs as a service to other companies who wish to integrate NFTs, wallets or credentials inside their systems. We save these companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure and engineering, and charge them a fraction to manage all for them in a secure, compliant and low maintenance way. More than 30,000 devs and companies have used us, including Mastercard, Microsoft, Etihad Airways, Red Bull, Adidas, Asus, AC Milan, Phantom, Rarible, Refik Anadol, and Snoop Dogg.
In addition, Crossmint is backed by top tier investors and angels in the fintech and crypto space.
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for folks with extreme ownership, competence and integrity. Our team includes math olympiad winners, Guinness world record holders, athletes, music composers, empaths, and degens. Diverse applicants are encouraged to apply.


Highly competitive location-based compensation (p90th for role and title based on pave.com statistics).
Unlimited, flexible PTO.
Company laptop and quarterly allowance for any necessary home equipment.
Daily stipend for commuting to the office.
Free meals in the office.
Company-paid trips for annual off-sites and team bonding.
Flexible work schedule.

Our Principles

Results and delivery: Ship high quality content fast.
Build for the long term: Build scalable, secure, and reliable solutions. Use AI.
Extreme Ownership: Be an effective Direct Responsible Individual (DRI). Be proactive.
Be a team player: Be an effective and kind colleague providing credible challenge. Be present and reliable.
If you are interested please apply with your resume and a cover letter at jobs@crossmint.io
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