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Java Engineer



IT · Full-time
Beijing, China
3,000 – 5,000 USD per month
Posted on Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Job responsibilities.

  1. responsible for the company's core system design and development, such as trading platform, open platform, etc.;
  2. Maintain good communication with the product manager and other R&D team, rationalize the product requirements, and ensure the smooth progress of the development work according to the plan;
  3. responsible for database design, system design, API interface design, external system access.

Job Requirements: 1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in computer related majors; 2.5 years of Java development experience, in-depth understanding of Java collections, multi-threaded programming and JVM principles; 3.Familiar with MySQL database, skilled use of SQL statements, in-depth understanding of database transactions, locks, indexes; 4.Proficient in springmvc, familiar with spring boot, spring cloud microservice components, practical experience is preferred; 5.Familiar with common data structures and algorithms and design patterns, distributed system design experience; 6.in-depth understanding of commonly used middleware redis, kafka, etc. 7.Have good programming habits and engineering specifications, must be able to write unit tests; 8.Strong ability to independently identify and solve problems, with a high degree of technical enthusiasm and sense of responsibility; 9.Have good communication, teamwork ability, promotion and landing ability. 10.Passionate, owner consciousness, strong stress resistance and self-driven.

Plus points: 1.Practical project experience in high concurrency, high availability, high performance 2.Experience in contract development 3.Experience in wind control system development

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