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Developer Relations (DevRel)

Across Protocol

Across Protocol

Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, May 10, 2024
Who is Risk Labs?
Risk Labs is the foundation and core team whose mandate is to build and grow the UMA and Across protocol ecosystems.
What is UMA?
UMA's optimistic oracle (OO) can record any verifiable truth or data onto a blockchain. UMA Purpose: UMA is the canonical source of truth that blockchains use to verify real world data. UMA Vision: UMA enables any verifiable truth to be recorded on-chain, trustlessly.
What is Across?
Across is a cross-chain bridge for L2s and rollups secured by UMA’s OO. Across' purpose: Across is to fulfill crypto’s potential by making blockchains more usable, more accessible and more efficient. Across’ Vision: Intents are the standard in x-chain interoperability, and are settled by Across.
As DevRel Expert you’ll bring a passion for working with both the existing web3 developer community and onboarding the next generation of UMA & Across users and developers across our product suite. You’ll serve as the ear to the ground for developer’s needs and pain-points, channeling that feedback back to the internal product and engineering teams.
We are looking for a 6 month, full time contract position with the opportunity to move to full time/permanent employee in the future.


  • Presenting and training developers of all experience levels (IRL or virtually) on how to deploying or building with UMA or Across products;
  • Hosting educational office hours to support builders, foster deeper understanding of specific use cases, and help answer their technical questions;
  • Creating technical assets for UMA and Across, including: writing product documentation and tutorials, recording and editing video tutorials, etc..
  • Evangelising externally both IRL and across the industry standard platforms and communities;
  • Mentoring developers and answering technical questions via Discord and Twitter to support building the next generation of decentralized applications.


  • Proven abilities as a full stack developer, with at least 2 years experience working with: typescript, solidity, and GCP
  • Prior experience and a passion for building and maintaining a technically-focused developer community
  • A passion for evangelism at relevant conferences, hackathons, and meetups
  • Excellent mentoring, coaching, and personality skills
  • Excellent technical skills, and proven ability to take complex technical concepts and deliver them in the best way for a variety of audiences
  • Creating and editing technical videos, prototypes, etc. gets bonus points

Compensation and Benefits

  • Pay packages include competitive salaries & meaningful token options ($UMA and $ACX).
  • Salaries for this role range from $100-180k (USD), and your token allocation can grow with your voting rewards while you participate in the growing ecosystem.
  • Will pay in stablecoins or fiat
  • Philosophies for a culture that show we care: Take vacation when you need it, family care, training and development (just to name a few)
  • 100% remote, which means we encourage you to create the work environment that you thrive in
  • At least two team wide offsites a year
Studies have shown that women and people of colour are less likely to apply to jobs unless they meet every single qualification. Risk Labs, the employing entity, is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to diverse, inclusive, and authentic workplaces. So, if you’re excited about this role but your past experience doesn’t perfectly align- we encourage you to apply anyways. We value you taking the chance. Risk labs will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
Our values:
1) We value each individual’s right to economic freedom.
2) We value openness, honesty, and directness.
3) We value integrity.
4) We value iterative learning.
5) We value taking smart risks.
6) We value creating an environment where everyone “does their best work”.
Why do we love working at Risk Labs?
We are a group that's aligned with the ethos of the crypto industry and doing our best to make an impact for the industry and world at large. You’ll succeed with Risk Labs if you’re a self-starter, kind, adaptable, and passionate about making an impact. Risk Labs is a values driven team that strives to create an environment where we can do our best work, and succeed. We're building products that we believe in, and continuing to strive for innovation and growth. Both personally and professionally we support each other to create a happy, healthy, and inspired team vibe, so we can remain motivated to build things the world needs and loves. We take pride in the fact that we are at once family-friendly as well as nomad-friendly.
UMA's optimistic oracle is a decentralized truth machine for Web3- yes, that’s a bold and very exciting statement. We’ve built a solid foundation, in terms of the team, the technology, and the products, and the road map ahead is one full of exciting technical challenges, growth, and telling our story to the world. Across is forging the path for intents-based solutions and settlements, creating an interoperable world where DeFi is seamless. We’ve grown from an early bridge, to a market leader, and won’t stop innovating and building. We have big dreams, and a team excited to bring them to life.
Still want to know more?
- Our team blends a mix of highly-sought engineers, and a diverse business team to showcase their high quality tech. Our international and fast-growing team includes a diverse background of experiences and has drawn world class talent. We have a great network of supportive investors from groups like: Placeholder, Blockchain Capital, Bain Capital, Coinbase, Dragonfly... to name a few.
- Teammates take the time off that they need and support each other to be their best selves- we care about your wellness.
- You will not get bored with Risk Labs. We are constantly developing, building, experimenting and evolving. Yes we try to allow people to focus on their specific product areas, but things are always shifting and evolving. There’s no right answer and we’re all just doing our best!